Saint Benedict Radio Theater is a small audio business owned and operated by Dominic Treis, a high school Senior from Saint John, WA. Dominic has always been fascinated with audio. Ever since he heard Focus on the Family Radio Theatre, he has wanted to spend his career making high quality audio dramas. So he put together a sound studio in his basement, (with his parents’ permission, of course!) and began producing audio dramas. His first production, “The Blue Cross,” a Father Brown mystery, will be released in Spring 2019!

Dominic believes that the medium of Audio Drama is a powerful tool for Christian evangelization. He will strive to reflect that belief in his audio dramas.

Why Saint Benedict?

Saint Benedict of Nursia was a monk in the late fifth century. During his life he founded many monasteries as places of refuge for men who wished to devote their lives entirely to God without the distractions of the world. His example has led many Catholics to adopt “The Benedict Option” mindset, in which Catholics strive to build a Christian culture on the ruins of the Post-Christian culture of today. Much of this work should be done through evangelization, and Dominic strives to accomplish that with his audio dramas.